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How to choose a provider...

We have all been victims of companies that over-promise and under-deliver and since maintaining vessels can be costly it's always best to do your research. Therefore, we have provided a list of questions to ask before you decide whose right for you and your organization.


1. How much experience does your company have?

2. What certifications do they have that would be needed for your specific job and would they be willing to give you copies of them?

3. What does the quality of their work look like? Ask them to send you before and after pictures. (Do this to see how quickly they respond to your request and if they will go above and beyond to earn your business. If their slow to respond or aren't willing to, believe this attitude will carry over into their service.)

4. Do they have a list of references? If they don't and they've been in business for years, run away fast! If they do, it would be best to call them.

      Here are some questions you can ask their references...


1. Is Company X competent and accurate with their billing process?

2. Does Company X really provide the quality of work they claim?

3. Are they accommodating and responsive to your service needs?

4. Are they competitively priced?

5. What are their strengths and opportunities?

6. What kind of feedback do you receive from sites on their performance/professionalism?

7. How well do they stick to job completion deadlines?

8. Would you refer them to others?