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Diamond Quality Tanking

Diamond Industrial Coatings specializes in the painting, rust treatment, and re-labeling of static cryogenic vessels to customers in a variety of fields. One of our strongest features is that we are able to do all of our work while these vessels are in use. Here are some of the other benefits our services provide:

Other Service benefits:

-- Excellent return for a small investment

-- Diamond standard professionalism and customer service

-- Vessel, human and site protection                                 

-- 100% on-site completion                       

-- Brings vessel back to OSHA compliance     

-- 5 year work guarantee                           

-- Image enhancement to tank and site                            

-- Tanks are completely active during 100% of this process

We remove all old decals, pressure wash 100% of the vessel, prime it if necessary and paint it with a high solid polythene paint. This paint is similar to a skin coating that helps support the tank to last up to 10 years. We then re-label the tank with all new decals.

Rust treatment
We have a special procedure that we complete on rusted tanks that delivers results that can only be appreciated by looking at the photos to the right. You can see how our high-pressure wash, chemical treatment and special application process makes amazing transformations happen for the worst of tanks. 

OSHA requires that all vessels are properly decaled for informational purposes. Therefore, we pressure wash 100% of the vessel and pad and transfer all information from the old decals to brand new ones.


As seen below, our Diamond quality service was able to transform this challenging 80 foot tower from old to new. Imagine what we can do for your vessels.
Comparison - Tank Labeling in Salida, CA

           before        after       
           Before                After


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