Industrial Painting, Labeling & Rust Treatment
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Industrial Painting, Labeling & Rust Treatment

Diamond Industrial Coatings

Diamond... Quality that's meant to last.

Industrial Painting, Labeling & Rust Treatment 


At Diamond Industrial Coatings, we provide industrial painting and rust treatment for vessels, silos, containers, tubes, I-beams, piping, etc. We are a unique business that caters to the custom needs of liquid gas providers with a knowledge and skill base specific to cryogenic vessels.


• Rust Treatment


• Painting

• Re-Labeling

Tanks - Industrial Painting in Salida, CA



The “Diamond” Guarantee:

 Diamond Industrial Coatings strives to exceed the expectations of every client with a "Diamond" quality standard of service. 





What is a "Diamond" level of service?


Diamonds have four ways to measure their quality and they all begin with the letter “C”:  Clarity, Color, Cut and Carat.

With that being said, here at Diamond Industrial Coatings, we stand by the claim that in every function of our organization we deliver what many would consider a “diamond” level of service. So like the "diamond", we decided to create a simple way to measure the quality of service our company provides by focusing on five critical areas of operation. These five areas of focus all begin with the letter “C” as well and are key contributors to the overall success of our organization. Here’s how they break down and how this simplified description benefits you and your organization.


The Five "C"'s

Cost, Class (Quality), Customer Service, Caution (Safety), Commitment


Cost / Billing

Diamond's pricing is extremely competitive when tied to the quality we are able to deliver. Our billing team has a streamlined process that's very flexible and delivers timely and accurate billing on a consistent basis. So when you're looking for quality that's meant to last, say it with Diamond.  

Your benefit: Lower overhead, higher-value and timely and accurate billing from our team means you and your boss will be happy with your investment.


Class = Quality

Diamond has elevated its craft into a class of quality work that’s untouched in our industry and specific to each customer's needs which is addressed by our 5 "C"s. Our Cost, customer service, caution, commitment and yes our quality. Since quality is easily boasted in an online format, we let our pictures do the talking for us through our photo gallery. Take a look!

Your benefit: You as well as your sites will be highly impressed with the work quality, the cleanliness, the professionalism, and the safety protocols that have been put in place.


Customer Service 

We give customized, professional and personal service to our clients in every branch of our organization. We have built this into our company culture to address all client needs and desires with a sense of urgency and importance.

Your benefit:  Any need of yours is an obligation and priority for us to address as quickly as possible. With Diamond building, a personal relationship is key and only strengthens the integrity and professionalism in every interaction. From the worksite to your work phone, you will always receive a "diamond" level of customer service.


Caution = Safety

The foundation that we have built here at Diamond starts with safety. Our most valuable asset is the team we have assembled. We have invested in their safety by putting in place WPM’s (Work Preferred Methods) that make human, asset and site protection our top priority.

Your benefit:  You will feel good knowing that our team has done its diligence in training our team to always prioritize human, site and asset protection at the top of their list. You will also appreciate knowing that we are licensed, bonded and insured to complete any work we accept yet candid enough to let you know if a job is out of our scope of expertise.                                                                                    



The foundation of Diamond Industrial Coatings is constructed by how we are able to nurture and maintain our relationships with our clients. Developing and strengthening those relationships is key to creating the long-term commitment that we have to our customers and they have for us. That commitment is reflected in our pricing and our scheduling priorities(in emergency situations).

Your benefit: You will know that you have a dependable company to go to in emergencies or even just for your basic painting, rust treatment or re-labeling needs. 


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